Expert Commercial Locksmith Tempe Az Providers

There is always a common misconception that residential locks are more important than commercial ones. This usually has its share of disadvantages due to numerous break-ins that commercial locks are subjected to leading to loss of irretrievable files. Here at our firm we understand how important maximum security can be valuable in commercial premises. Bonded and fully licensed, we provide timely commercial locksmith services aimed at making building more secure. Our locksmith services are affordable and can cater to your security need regardless of nature and size of the problem. With our convenient commercial locksmith series, we cover the whole of Temple AZ assisting commercial clients with their locks.

Being expert commercial locksmith Temple AZ service providers, we address all security concerns you might have. To all our customers we are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Whether you need to install a new lock, repair the old one or troubleshoot any hardware to make your premises or office safer, we will not disappoint. From master key services to adjustment of door closers, we are flexible in our operations. Here is a glimpse of commercial locksmith services we offer.

Furniture Locks

In any commercial building whether it is a law firm, a shopping mall or just a an eatery, there is always cabinets where files or other valuable s are kept. However, with faulty locks the safety of such data is not guaranteed. That is where we come in by ensuring that furniture locks that you have in your business premises cannot be broken into. We will equip the cabinets with unique locks that only you will have the keys to. Since we understand the drawbacks that losing important files can cause, we will install locks that are foolproof and simple to use too.

Rekeying and servicing

If the old locks in your premises are faulty or are usually subject to break ins, it is time to change them. Alternatively, we will help you rekey them. In doing this you will remain with these locks, only the keys will change. By rekeying, we will change the functionality of your locks making to work only with new keys. Therefore, no one who previously had keys to your locks can access them. We will also service your locks to keep them in good working condition. If repairs are required, we will be glad to fix such.

Master key set up and integration

In circumstances where you need to access all corners of the building with a single key, we will provide just that. Our technologically savvy locksmiths will install locks that can only be accessed by master keys. These locks will be set up in the premises and integrated with other security installations like alarm systems.

For all your security needs, you can count on us to provide you with expert commercial locksmith Temple AZ services. Panic bar lock services, hydraulic door closers, interchangeable core locks, high security locks and fire exit lock systems are just some of the additional services we provide. Wherever you are in Temple AZ, our staff will respond to your distress call and offer you timely commercial locksmith services. Call us any time and experience the best of our services.